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Turn unsold produce into revenue with our free-to-use platform.

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The cost of disposing of waste in the UAE is increasing.

Overnight, the cost of disposing of waste in landfill went up from 10 AED per visit to 100 AED per tonne of non-recyclable waste deposited. 

What are you doing to reduce your business' waste?

With Rumbella there are:

     No Upfront Costs

     No Contracts

     No Commitments 

You simply use Rumbella as & when you need it. Just select the surplus F&B items from your pre-made Rumbella profile, the customer selects & the courier collects. It's as easy & flexible as that!

Rumbella manages, payments, delivery & customer support. You'll even have your own dedicated account manager to help you with anything you need along the way.  


benefits of our platform.


Rumbella helps business partners identify excess/ surplus food & supplement items which may be destined to become waste if they don't find a home.


Our partners can promote these items on Rumbella's marketplace platform at a discounted rate either at the end of the day or intra-day. 


Consumers browse the Rumbella marketplace and make their desired purchase in the app. Rumbella manages all aspects of customer service and delivers the items to the customer. 

going the extra mile.


Any surplus items that do not find a customer can be donated to a good cause by Rumbella on behalf of our business partner free of charge. 

This helps individuals doing critical jobs within our society
who are often malnourished. 

We also plant trees on our partner's behalf when purchases are made, this helps them further reduce their carbon footprint. 

We provide our partners with
detailed analytics on how much waste they've prevented going to the landfill and what that equates to in terms of emissions reductions and the cost avoidance metrics associated with landfill disposal.

We also provide details of the revenues generated as well as the goodwill donations made.


Set up is as easy as 1, 2, 3....

1. Send us your menus and images so that we can create your brand profile on the Rumbella marketplace. 

2. Your profile is now set. You can select the excess and 'soon to expire' items that need to find a home. Simply set the price and quantity. The Rumbella team is there to assist you with anything. 

3. The customer places an order and pays directly using the app. Careem then collects and delivers directly to the customer. Rumbella sends your revenue share back to you. 

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