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all your favoutite brands at least 50% off.

Discover affordable, quality food products from your favorite brands whilst making a positive impact.

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2.7 kg

The average person in Europe generates around 1.2kg of waste per day, however this number is over double in the UAE with per capita waste generation being 2.7kg per day.

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We believe in a world with no food waste. Unsold food from your favourite restaurants, cafés, and shops often goes to waste simply because it hasn't been sold in time.

With Rumbella, you have the power to make a difference.

Discover a simple process to make a big impact on reducing food waste while enjoying quality and healthy food. Choose your favorite food items from local stores and restaurants, place your order, and have them delivered to your doorstep. It's that easy to contribute to a sustainable future.


Explore the app and discover a wide selection of food products from your favorite brands, all available for easy ordering.

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Your Questions Answered

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What types of products can I find on Rumbella?

Rumbella offers a diverse selection of food products, including meals from restaurants, fresh pastries from bakeries, and other delectable items from various local stores. We focus on rescuing food items that haven't passed their use-by date, ensuring they're both safe and delicious. All food is good for at least one additional day after the date of purchase. 

How can I trust the quality of the food products on Rumbella?

At Rumbella, quality is our priority. We work closely with our partner businesses to ensure that the food products we offer meet high-quality standards. Our products are perfectly safe to eat and are a sustainable way to enjoy tasty meals while reducing food waste.

How does the delivery process work?

Ordering from Rumbella is hassle-free. After selecting your desired items, simply proceed to checkout, and our dedicated couriers will deliver your order directly to your doorstep at the scheduled time.


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